The BioRadio: Wireless & Mobile Electrocardiography (ECG) Acquisition

The BioRadio is a wireless data acquisition system intended for research and education that provides a standardized method of mobile ECG acquisition. One BioRadio system can acquire up to 4 differential channels of ECG data simultaneously.  Featuring a compact amplifier, programmable channels, untethered acquisition, and software options for analysis, the BioRadio captures reliable and accurate data. BioRadio ECG data can be used in many applications, including engineering and physiology labs, monitoring exercise physiology, research and clinical trials.  Easy to set-up and use, the BioRadio’s compact design and untethered data acquisition makes it an ideal solution for physiological data acquisition at any time.

BioRadio Software Tools: ECG

BioCapture software allows you to…

  • Program the BioRadio for the desired number of ECG channels
  • Stream BioRadio ECG data to nearby PC and view data in real-time
  • Perform analysis functions such as FFT
  • View ECG signal amplitude over different time intervals
  • Apply custom signal filters
  • Add event markers
  • Export BioRadio data to .csv file to import into third-party applications for custom analysis
  • The BioRadio Software Development Kit (SDK) allows for development of custom real-time physiological data acquisition and analysis applications

Vivosense Core Physiological Analysis software allows for:

  • Directly import BioCapture ECG data files
  • Multi-channel QRS detection
  • R-R interval tachogram from detected R-waves
  • Automated heart rate variability analysis over time
  • Automated and manual artifact management
  • Graphically integrate heart rate variability with other collected metrics such as respiration


The BioRadio is intended for use in education and research applications only. The BioRadio is not FDA cleared to market. It is not intended for use in experimentation that involves human testing without specific IRB approval.