The BioCapture™ physiological monitoring system combines innovative bioinstrumentation hardware and transducers with a flexible software platform for data collection, review, annotation and analysis. The software can be used to process and analyze signals such as ECG, EEG, EOG and EMG, respiration, spirometry, oximetry and more. This physiological monitoring system is a great choice for cardiopulmonary research, neuromonitoring research, EMG testing and other clinical research.

Software Features

Programmable Channels

Program the BioRadio for specific configurations of channels, input ranges, signal types, sample rates, and resolutions.  You can change the BioRadio configuration at anytime.

Real-Time Physiological Data Collection

Collect and monitor live physiological data as it streams from the device to the computer or tablet.  While viewing streaming data the scale, window size, and filter parameters can be adjusted.  Data can be saved to file at anytime.  Saved data from the BioRadio memory can also be downloaded into BioCapture.

Data Export

Physiological data can be exported to ASCII format for further analysis in other software packages such as LabVIEW™, MATLAB® or Microsoft Excel®

Real-Time LabVIEW And MATLAB Drivers

Design any software interface around the BioCapture physiological monitoring system

Easy Installation

BioCapture is USB plug-and-play compatible, which allows you to use any standard Windows desktop or laptop computer