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CLEVELAND, OHIO, October 10, 2006 – Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. (CleveMed) is introducing its latest version of the educational lab course system, CleveLabs™ 6.0. This version includes several new labs, software upgrades and new transducer accessories.

CleveLabs is a course system that, through hands-on experience with bioinstrumentation hardware and transducers, educates students on instrumentation, physiology and clinical applications. Over thirty labs in engineering basics, physiology basics, advanced physiology and clinical applications are included with the system software. Labs are designed for students at all levels from high school to the graduate level in biomedical engineering, the health sciences, and pre-engineering. Students can perform each of the new labs using the BioRadio® 150, a 12 channel data acquisition monitor that views and records physiological signals, such as activity from the heart (ECG), brain (EEG) and muscles (EMG), as well as transducer inputs such as airflow, force, blood pressure and more.

CleveLabs now includes Biomechanics, as well as new labs that teach about Wireless Medical Telemetry and Breadboard Circuit Design. Several features were added to the software, including an update to the save data features, making it easier to create lab reports. Additional transducers were added to the list of accessories, including a force plate and a breadboard design kit.

Patrick Crago, PhD, chairperson of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Case Western Reserve University said, “Advantages of CleveLabs include the scope of the different modules and the flexibility of the course design. Although many canned software sessions ranging from engineering principles to advanced physiology are provided, it is also flexible and offers an easy interface to MATLAB and LabVIEW. CleveLabs software allows students to concentrate on the sensor and instrumentation content.”®™

About CleveMed – CleveMed was founded with the goal of developing innovative telemetry devices for a variety of medical applications. Today, CleveMed is developing and pioneering the use of novel wireless monitoring systems for high growth neurology and rehabilitation applications, including brain monitoring, sleep disorders and movement disorders. Through these innovations, CleveMed has developed a growing range of products that address the needs of the medical, research and academic communities.