Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies Expands Patent Portfolio

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12 SEPT 2017: Valley View, OH – Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies (GLNT) expanded its large patent portfolio covering deep brain stimulation (DBS) tuning to 11 issued patents (and 20 currently pending applications) when it was recently awarded Patent 9,717,920 (Movement disorder therapy system, devices and methods, and intelligent methods of tuning) and Patent 9,662,502 (Method and system for tuning of movement disorder therapy devices). DBS is a surgical therapy used on patients with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders to help mitigate their symptoms. Tuning is the process in which the electrode configuration and currents are evaluated and modified to improve patients’ symptoms while minimizing side effects and power consumption to lengthen battery life.

GLNT commercialized Kinesia™ technology to provide wearable, objective and automated assessment of movement disorder symptoms. GLNT’s DBS patents cover the use of motor symptom data collected from movement disorder monitoring devices such as Kinesia and/or clinician ratings to create visualization maps to assist with adjusting DBS. The visualization maps depict DBS amplitude and other stimulation parameters along with symptom severity scores to provide a straightforward method for a clinician to determine optimal DBS settings. GLNT’s patents also cover remote DBS adjustments as well as computer-guided DBS programming.

“With DBS systems becoming increasingly complex and more and more patients opting for DBS, objective tools are becoming a necessity to assist in the programming required for individual patients to receive optimal benefits from the therapy,” says Dustin Heldman, Ph.D., VP and COO. “DBS adjustments based on objective symptom data collected using motion sensors will shorten what is traditionally a tedious trial-and-error process and facilitate quick and accurate DBS adjustments.”

These new DBS tuning patents are a part of GLNT’s extensive movement disorder measurement patent portfolio, which also covers proprietary systems for monitoring a patient’s day to day movement disorder symptoms as well as optimizing pharmaceutical therapies. According to GLNT Executive VP and General Counsel, Brian Kolkowski, “GLNT’s patents include systems and methods of external movement and/or physiological sensors to help clinicians monitor patients and optimize medication regimens in the clinic as well as titration of those drug therapies in real time throughout the day as patients perform activities of daily living. These additions to GLNT’s patent portfolio further strengthen the company’s position as the technological and market leader in objective movement disorder assessment.”

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